Our Process

1. Drop Off Vehicle

An accident is stressful enough. If you’ve been in an accident, or your vehicle has damage you’d like repaired, call us at Foundation Collision Center (940) 761-2639. We work collaboratively with all major insurance companies to assess the damage, provide a preliminary estimate, and obtain the necessary insurance approvals before we begin making repairs.

2. Get A Rental Car

Life doesn’t stop because of an accident. Keep moving with the help of rental options next door to our facility. Simply let us know that you’ll need a vehicle while yours is being repaired, and we’ll get the paperwork started and begin working with your insurance company for rental reimbursement. That way, all you have to worry about is moving your stuff from one car to another.

3. Vehicle Check In

Next, we will “check your car in.” This process involves verifying the VIN number, mileage, license plate number and document any and all damage.When we finish your repairs and clean the car for delivery, it will look fantastic and the most subtle of old blemishes may look new to you, when in fact they were already on the car.  In the unlikely event that damage should occur to your car while in our care, we assure you that it will be remedied.

4. Repair plan is created

Every vehicle receives a complete disassembly of the damaged area (blueprint) upon drop off.  We take this information and create a detailed repair plan. At this point the insurance company has agreed to pay for the repairs to your car, but their preliminary estimate may not fully represent what will be needed to return your car to is pre-loss condition.  This why we take the additional time that is necessary to write a supplement for additional repairs. In accordance with your policy, the insurance company has a right to assess and review any and all repairs and supplements prior to us continuing work on the car. In such cases, a delay of several days can be expected, but know that we are doing our part to move your car along as quickly as possible.  Our goal is to complete your car in a timely manner.

5. Order Parts, Repair, Paint & Polish

After your vehicle’s repair plan is created and we’ve obtained the necessary insurance approvals, we order all necessary parts and begin to restore your vehicle to the original factory finish. As part of our commitment to you, we pledge to provide the highest-quality repairs following all OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) repair procedures. A technician works on your vehicle roughly 3 hours a day in between waiting on parts, special repair materials. Parts fitment and structural repairs are time-consuming and require great attention to detail. We are disassembling and rebuilding a vehicle after damage, so it is much more complicated than just attaching parts. Our goal is to be done as quickly as possible, but it takes time to do it right and do as designed by your vehicle manufacturer. We follow their OEM procedures and utilize the latest technology to accomplish our task.

The next task is the refinishing process.  This is a highly critical step and the one that “makes or breaks” the final results of the repair.  It is what you see and what we pride ourselves in most.  Most vehicles spend two days in the paint department for an average collision claim while small jobs may only take a day.

Our painters, with years of experience, are artist and even in the modern age of computerized color matching and state of the art equipment, it takes time to produce a high quality product and proper color match.

6. Final Assembly

Next during reassembly, the technician takes the time to ensure that everything goes back together making sure that components function properly and the vehicle will be safe.  Your car was damaged, disassembled, repaired, painted and reassembled to the highest degree.  As modern cars can be very complicated, there are times when reassembly may take longer than expected and the last thing we want is for you to have to return due to a human error that can be avoided with allowing a little more time.  In such cases, we will touch base with you to let you know our expected completion date.

7. Vehicle Detail

Every vehicle that undergoes repair work at Foundation Collision Center is detailed, inside and out, free of charge. We believe in going above and beyond for our customers, and believe your first ride in your back to new vehicle should be a great one!  Your freshly refinished vehicle should be
ONLY HAND WASHED FOR THE FIRST WEEK AFTER REPAIR.  After the first week has passed your finish has completely cured and you can resume back to normal however we always recommend a hand wash is always best!

8. Quality Control

Quality control will review the car, test functionality, and go for a test drive when necessary.  If any issues are found or the car needs minor adjustment, an additional day or two may be needed.  We will call when we know the car is going to clean-up in order to provide you with a time to plan on retrieving your car.  We also finalize all billing at this time, and review the charges.  We will call and advise of any balance due that you will need to bring to release the vehicle.

Most insurance companies have left us with checks on your behalf, so most of the time you are only responsible for your deductible.  In some cases you may receive a large portion of a claim settlement prior to arriving at our facility. In that case, bring the insurance check with you or another means of funding the balance of the repair bill due.  All repairs must be paid in full, unless prior arrangements are made with the manager.

9. Pick Up Your Vehicle

At this time, your advisor will walk you through your repairs, and final invoice so you can leave with peace of mind that your repairs were completed to the highest level of quality.

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